Apartment in Vilnius @ Dezeen


Delicate earthy tones of our recent urban apartment taps into the ongoing trend of sombre-toned interiors and Dezeen has it covered.

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Melt in Palanga Hotel @ Detail


Detail.de team dug through the history of Palanga to look into the bustle surrounding Basanaviciaus street… and we might have something to do with it.

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Lakeside villa @ Dezeen


The blinking villa got noticed by Dezeen!

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Trakai house @ Casa Naturale

aketuriarchitektai_namas trakuose_01

Beautiful baby by AKETURI ARCHITEKTAI, dressed by Brolis Timber, goes italian. Va bene!

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Neringa Spiritual Stops @Archdaily



Our input in workshop for Neringa bus shelters turned into noticing much more places worth stopping by in this unique Unesco World Heritage site.  Archdaily got it covered
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The Guardian on DOMI LINI, a project by AKETURI ARCHITEKTAI

01_A028_sveciu namai Druskininkuose_014

The Guardian says DOMI LINI by AKETURI ARCHITEKTAI is a place to stay if in Druskininkai
Couldn’t agree more :)

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RANCH by aketuri architektai @archdaily.com


The most popular architecture blog in the world published our project Ranch. Read  here.
Also the project was published by: Architectth.comStealmagDesign news from all over the world, socializarcDecoration,


HOUSE IN TRAKAI by aketuri architektai on web

aketuriarchitektai_namas trakuose_02
See our project “House in Trakai” on worldwide many architecture, design, news and blog websites.
Project on web: Archdaily, Aeccafe, Stealmag, Lietuvos architektūra, US interior design, AKdecoration, interriordesign, flipboard,  pinkous and others.
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Realization of the “House in Vilnius” was published in many architecture, design, news and blog websites.
Project on web: Archdaily10.Aecafe.com, Architecturelab, Sig. Nordarl, Jr., StealMag, Bloglovin, Lietuvos architektūra, Planos de casas and others.
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Winner of Lithuanian architecture awards 2013-2014

The project was selected by an international commission composed of eminent foreign professionals from more thane 150 projects and more than 60 architects teams.
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Honorable mention in the missionary gardens competinion

aketuriarchitektai_apartament in missionary garden_03
Our team participated in competinio of  a living appartaments in one of the best places to live close to old town in Vilnius.
View competition results.
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aketuriarchitektai_news_recreational architektcture award
We are happy to share such a good news – our project “Reconstruction of Rietavas manor couch-house” was rewarded for the best recreational building in Lithuania in 2013-2014.
Read more about the awards.
Read more about the project.

Reconstruction of Rietavas manor coach-house in web

rietavo karietines rekonstrukcija_aketuri architektai_03
Realization of the “Reconstrucion of Rietavas manor coach-house” was published in many architecture, design, news and blog websites.
We are proud as hell :)
Project on web: ArchdailyArchitizer, Aeccafe, ArchelloArchitektų sąjungaArchiforma, Kultūrpolis, Lrytas, 15min, Delfi.
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Rythm in architecture@laisvoji banga

Lukas Rekevičius spoke on the radio “Laisvoji Banga”  in show “Savaitgalio pasažai”. Discusion theme “Rythm in architecture”.
Lukas starts speaking from 16 min.
Disscusion in lithuanian language.

Is modern architecture decorated or defaced?@žinių radijas

Luko portretas

Lukas Rekevičius spoke on the radio “Žinių radijas”  . Discusion theme “Is modern architecture decorated or defaced?”.
Disscusion in lithuanian language.
Show is made by Lietuvos architektų sąjunga. Curator – Rūta Leiteneitė.

Reconciliation with water@tedx Vilnius

Lukas Rekevičius spoke in first held of TEDxVilnius in Lithuania in 2010.
In the report Lukas once again draw attention to the sick of all Lithuanian cities and water ratio. Why cities and  the river live separate lives?
In thereport were used  collages of Ignas Uogintas, Džiugas Karalius, Milda Jusaitė, Justina Klybaitė.